First shot


Finally, the famous soju has graced my tongue, throat, and belly. Mmmm~ It didn’t taste as bad as I expected. Actually, this particular brand is a bit sweet, with a slight apple taste. My friends told me some are totally bitter and strong, so next time I drink soju, I’ll be looking for this brand. Thanks to my loves, the Junko gals, for urging me to still follow yesterday’s plan despite my headache. Lol. You guys!

Well, I needed the drink anyway. I’ve been craving for it since Friday, since my heartbreak of letting Tita go, dad leaving, and generally all the stress which have built up till now. I’m not too keen on drinking as much as smoking, but I indulge myself to a little bit of intoxication when the craving arise.

Moreover, I needed the company of my favorite people in the world. For once, I was able to vocally share some of my sadness albeit short. I had to stop because talking about a painful thing out loud urges my tears further. I love my friends and family, but my tears are exclusively for my eyes only. I can’t handle drama, even if I’ll be the star of it.

Anyway, I really appreciate them listening. It’s reassuring that there are sympathetic ears around me. 🙂


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