the sorcery of cooking

Ohhh the sorcery. Yes indeed, I’m looking at you, Cooking.

Okay, you see, I’m not a well-domesticated woman, even at my prime age of 25. Of course I know how to clean the house and defrost the fridge, moreover, the task of washing the dishes is perpetually mine, but cooking has never been my thing. Yes, even if every desirable lady requires this skill.

Well, I’m not very desirable then. Hmm, now damn that.

Truth: I love to eat. Yep, clear as day, I love to eat. I actually consider it a hobby which easily explains my fullness. Eating is also a hobby which I never turned my back on, that’s why I never got conscious enough of my weight to stop myself from enjoying the act and the meals.

Do you know that the most enjoyable moment of eating is when you’re so hungry and the meal is served in front of you, waiting to be devoured, loved, and digested? Yes, it is.  I have these passionate moments with my meals, thus my stable weight gain as well.

Speaking of weight gain, I blame that to my mothers’ skills. Both my mom (from here on I shall address her as “Mamoy” which is our personal nickname to her) and stepmom (“Tita”) can cook extremely palatable, mind-numbingly exquisite dishes that’s why my brothers and I engage in the act of eating with such enthusiasm! Most of the time Mamoy and Tita are also fine with their pesky kids out of the kitchen, so I never got around to learning how to cook proper food. I know how to boil and fry eggs, but never those dishes with so many steps to follow (and so precise if you’re on a cookbook module) by human nature, I wanna rebel against order!

In the past (occasionally too), I’d become very impatient whenever I have to wait for the food to cook. You know in some dishes you’d have to wait for three or five minutes for the meat to get tender, water to boil, or even the garlic to turn brown? I have to stand or be around the kitchen to wait. I’m a patient person, but I’d like to occupy my time. If I have to wait, I’d read a book or watch a video. When you’re in the kitchen, that’s a bit difficult to do, especially if said kitchen is as small and untidy like ours. Moreover, when the flavor of the ingredients start coming together, they attack my olfactory so intensely that I simply want to ignore the cookbook instructions, get the food on a plate, and start appreciating its worth.

(Uhm, that has happened before, really.)

So at present, I could say that I’m not so adamant with the notion of cooking. There are times even when I find myself desiring to cook.

(LE GASP! Unbelievable! It’s sorcery, I tell you! Sorcery! )

If there is one good thing that I am honestly thankful for my father for (when we stayed together for three months) is that he forced me to learn how to cook. He insisted that as a woman, a grown woman, I should know how to cook for both myself and my future husband, and that I should warm up the saying: The easiest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

I agree with that. I also think that they should rephrase that to:

The easiest way to people’s heart is through their stomach, unless they’re bolymic or anorexic then that’s just rude. –Micchie

I’ve always had this fantasy of going home from a long day of work to my husband and two children (a boy and a girl) where we’ll exchange trivial questions, entertain gossip between moving around the house, until all is set for a warm meal. My husband will be understanding enough to let me earn more money if he can provide me with a massage before going to sleep (and cuddles) and well-cooked, well-prepared meals.

SIGH. The fantasy, yes.

Anyway, in terms of my skill, I’m a novice. I mean, it has only been a few months, but I can confidently report that I am getting better. Heck, my younger brother is not complaining anymore these days when I serve him my creations! I haven’t cooked any difficult dishes, and I’m mainly making Filipino food of course, but I’m starting to enjoy the act of cooking. I’m finally interested, which is a huge change compared to my aversion to it previously.

There’s only one thing I still don’t like about the whole process of cooking. Cutting:  my favorite part; Mixing ingredients together: fine with it; Waiting for flavors and ingredients cook: coping; Clean up: DREADFUL. I hate the effing clean up. You’d have to wash knives, countless spoons, cutting board, pans, bowls, and they add to everything you’ll be using for the actual dining! GUUUUUUH. That’s why I fervently request my brother to do the dishes if I do the cooking because really, it’s too much a hassle.

Anyway, I think I’d be cooking more dishes in the future. I hope I can be as good of a cook as my mothers, so that my future children can also enjoy eating as much as I did growing up, well, until now!

I wonder what I should cook for lunch? Hmm…

Kain na!


 Bon appétit!

 잘 먹겠습니다! / Jal meokgetseumnida!

Let’s eat!



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