Nagoya 2011 and the MISOKATSU

misokatsu - nagoya

As it is a Thursday, let me jump on the bandwagon and reminisce a little bit about my trip to Nagoya, Japan in 2011.

Well, I won’t be giving you a walk-through of my trip, but let me tell you a little bit about that picture on top, the misokatsu.

The misokatsu is a popular Nagoya dish which was recommended to me by my former student, Nori-san. As a person who considers eating as her hobby, despite my friend’s warning that this dish might not match my usual taste for food (as I am Filipino) and because it has too strong of a flavor, I still went ahead with it. Well, when in Rome do as the Romans do, right? I was in Nagoya, so I’d eat what Nagoya people would.

Right. ooookay.

That wasn’t what I expected, or probably more than I expected. It was strong, like wasabi strong. Of course it wasn’t spicy and olfactory-aggresive like the wasabi, but the misokatsu has the overwhelming flavor of a miso paste with very little water added. I usually like tonkatsu (fried pork strips) and miso soup (soybean paste soup), but these two together as one dish was too much. I remember attacking the yellow pickles (that I usually ignored) as it helped ease the strong taste.

PHEW! Good thing I didn’t pay for that dinner!

Anyway, my trip to Nagoya was memorable. Although it’s not Japan’s usual destination for tourists, since I was able to watch my favorite band there and meet our friend, it was fine! Moreover, that was my first trip abroad, so it’s automatically awesome.


And of course, Japan is my dream destination, so I consider myself very lucky! Hopefully that first visa would pave way to a multiple entry on my next try. *crosses-fingers*

If lucky, in a year or two, I’d be able to go back to Japan, to Osaka and Kyoto. This time, my target is a food trip in Osaka’s Dotonburi, and Kyoto’s temples.  I need to schedule it in spring for my hanami (cherry blossom festival) birthday!



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