time capsule: 2009

Funny,  a few weeks ago, I suddenly wondered where the time capsule I made from five years ago was. I could barely remember what it looked like, more so, what was in there. I recall some goals written on paper, but I don’t know from which subject we made that, or if it was that time capsule passing my mind.

Anyhow, this afternoon, upon cleaning our house’s treasure of junks, I found it!



Apparently, the time capsule was a small clay tube with a sealed cap, so I had to break the tube with a hammer to get the papers inside. Unfortunately, this tube was mixed with 10-year-old forgotten manuals, so some termites crept inside and did damage to the paper I wrote for God.

Yeah, thus the “dear God” caption which first peaked from the tube when I hit it. It was both a sincere apology and an expression of utter shock, believe me.

Inside, there were three small papers containing a letter to God (this time capsule was from a spiritual retreat all seniors of our uni had to undergo to), a list of five most memorable moments and/or events for me from college, and a list of my dreams/wishes five years ahead of 2009.

Well, I’m glad to say that I’ve done most of the things I dreamed for myself:

Go to Japan ✔ (Nagoya, 2011)

Learn Nihonggo ✔ (Still in basic level, but I’ll master it.)

Reunite with my college friends ✔ (We still do, from time to time)

Still writing, whether as a seasonal fanfic writer , magazine contributor, Filipino language consultant, or simply a freelance creative writer ( for seasonal fanfic writing!)

Have provided for my family and myself ✔ ( five years and counting!)

And just when I thought my life was driving to an unknown destination, I guess it is actually getting somewhere. I’m probably lost and it will take some time to get there, wherever that is.

Seeing this time capsule made me nostalgic. I greatly miss my college days and my classmates and close friends. My mom once told me that high school is considered the prime period of youth, but I’ve always felt that it was in college. I was immersed in my course as a Literature student (yep, even if I don’t seem like it) and my class, the often invisible, singular batch of a course, is my favorite. I was not chummies with everyone in my class (there was unfortunately a racist Filipino-American man and frustrated warlock), but I got along pretty well with everyone. Moreover, the circle of friends I had were amazing. We discussed and played around everything from literary texts to movies, famous historical figures and queer implications, anime to paintings, comics to fanfics, karaoke, food, our professors, anything! I always had a good attendance in class because I loved the people I shared my day with so much. Lucky that I was only a few buildings away from my best friend, too!

So yeah sigh sigh sigh those were the good days.

Yep, this kinda makes me feel old. That and me being sleepy at 9:30 PM of a Sunday.  Good night.


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