Too hot to be a nerd? We visit the fabled Animate worker who has the ladies of the Internet talking

Wooooow, he’s a real-life Yukina (Sekaiichi Hatsukoi)! OMG, I think I need to see this guy in person if my Osaka trip pushes through next year. I mean, I just have to, with all these news about him. He’s not my type of ikemen, but he does give that bishonen-feel from manga/anime. The megane does it for me though! My weakness! GUUUUUUH~ *dokidoki*



You’ve already been introduced to Yuya Uchida, the attractive worker at the Osaka Nipponbashi branch of Animate, a chain of anime and manga stores in Japan. He has inspired countless Internet debates regarding his status as both an otaku and a hottie, prompting one user to comment, “Hot guys should be banned from watching anime.” We knew we had to go out to Osaka to find this mythical hotaku™ and see for ourselves if he really is as irresistible as the Internet makes him out to be.

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