Finally. DEEP SIGH. Finally.

I feel that this is finally it. I may or may not have found a job which may actually turn into a career. I mean, for once I can feel myself staying in this field for a long time if I try hard enough. And I really should try to do my best.

I haven’t started with the job yet and I don’t know what to expect. I probably do not have any expectations yet, which I think is a good thing since I won’t be disappointed and my mind is fresh to accept new knowledge and develop new skills.

Perhaps in these five years that I’ve been denying the possibility that teaching could be the career for me, I’m actually on my way there. Well, hopefully. I didn’t understand how some teachers could stay in the job for over 20 years with the kind of salary they get, especially for public school teachers, but now I think I sort of get it. Although I’m technically a tutor, probably short of what a proper teacher should be (I don’t have teaching units), but there’s something very charming about teaching.

Teaching is a long, often vexing, arduous process of helping a student develop a skill or understand an idea. It is mentally challenging and often emotionally frustrating to get to a point where you and the student notice improvements and progress. Just when you think that you’ve done enough help, the achievement gives you such a rewarding experience not only as a teacher, but also a human that you carry on until the next eureka.

Thus, my five-year love-hate relationship with teaching (ESL).

This time I’d be teaching reading and creative writing to very young kids. I don’t have any classroom experience, let alone a kindergarten class experience, so I hope my co-workers and superiors would be patient enough to guide me all the way, especially since I have a tendency to get confused and overwhelmed in the beginning of new tasks.

I wanted to keep this news a bit of a secret to the world (including my friends) until the next week because I have this suspicion that too good things should be kept in the dark until everything is ironed out so as not to be jinxed, but I just gotta share the good news to some people. And it felt really nice when they I saw how happy they are for me.

LET’S DO THIS! がんばります!


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