Happy 26th

Guuuuuuh, it’s another year added to my life. Lucky, aren’t I? Of course. Though I frequently say that age is just a number, cliche yes, but of course I can’t relate at times, as well. I thought I felt pretty old when I was 23, and not three years older, I feel much older! I can’t complain too much though, I don’t have a choice anyway.

Nonetheless, things in my life recently have been, well...well.

I’m struggling with my new work, but I’m glad my co-teachers and my boss are all open to communication so I can ask questions and guidance anytime I want. Although, that itself, a good thing, is an issue with me.

You see, I’m pretty much independent with myself. If I can grip the idea of the world by myself, I won’t bother others. However, seeing results takes a long time with this attitude. Soon enough, I’d have to change this aspect of myself and learn to depend more on others if I want to do well in this job faster. After all, the kids are not the one whose giving me pressure, it’s the parents! They can be quite demanding, I feel, if they want to. *sigh*

Anyway, happy 26th birthday to me.

To myself,

Be more patient, more hardworking, and more motivated. Be less insecure, and be less of a procrastinator. You are a good person, and try to be as good as you can be. Things will fall into place soon enough, just hang in there.




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