Expectation VS Reality: Biking Edition

Good morning, everyone! How do you do?

Life has been well. Things in school are still pretty at ease since most of my students are still relaxing happily abroad (yes, most of my kids were born with a golden spoon in their mouths), so I have plenty of time plotting how I can deal with them.

Anyway, I’ve done what I’ve always wanted to do for the first time this morning: biking to work. Yes! As my workplace is walking distance from my house, I thought, hey why not bike to it. I mean, I’ve just purchased my brand new “mamachari” a month ago, why not give it a test drive.

And so my happy trail to work began with enthusiasm and confidence which waned down more and more and more until I almost blacked out.

Okay, I’ve always had this image of biking as a wonderful thing. I used to love biking when I was young, until I got into an accident and my mother practically cursed the idea of me ever getting into one again. Several years later, I was inspired by the image of Honey and Clover‘s Takemoto biking to the most end point of Japan while soul-searching. My romantic heart couldn’t shake the idea away of that nothing short of wonderful. Actually, watch enough Japanese anime/movie/drama and the idea of biking would seem so ideal. I’ve learned that a lot of my Japanese students in my online work also bike to work. Moreover, doesn’t biking promote good health and care for the environment? I’m all up for that!



However in my current state, with my almost non-existent history of physical activities, my lungs and leg muscles easily give up. While biking earlier, I had to stop at intersections just to catch my breath. I really thought I was going to have a heart attack because my heart was pounding so aggressively, it almost hurt. Later on I sort of felt cold and I got a bit dizzy, so I had to sit down on the lamp post’s base. I felt some eyes  on me, but I didn’t care. If they offered me water, I would have been so happy!

I guess that was also one of my mistakes: not bringing water. Since I leave my water bottle in the school, I didn’t have one while biking. I felt so tired and dehydrated that I almost ran out of energy pushing the bike towards my school building.

What a pathetic sight I was, especially in the eyes of other people biking in the area.

In conclusion, biking to work was a bitch. I wouldn’t say I would never do this again, but maybe not so soon. I’d have to plan this well and not impulsively like today. My fantasy lifted me up to the heavens just to drop me in the belly of reality with a slap.

Oh well, what a morning!


And oh, I’d have to endure the same thing going home later. SHEEZUS!


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