One more time

I should really subscribe to the saying “try and try until you succeed” because that would get me going every time I feel the need to give up when the going gets tough. It’s an old, rotten weakness of mine, giving up in the middle of the battle. Actually, sometimes I don’t even reach the middle of the battlefield because once I feel the danger, I scurry to the safe zone. You see, I’m not exactly a risk-taker, and ironically an impulsive person, too.

Anyhow, on my previous post I relayed the difficulty I experienced with biking to work and the dreadful reality of the effort one has to make in doing so. Well, upon going home, things were a bit smoother. I actually had fun biking towards my destination within the area as I was to meet my best friend to hang out. I guess there were more downward slopes going back. Nonetheless, the experience convinced me to give it a try again. As some of my friends said, I’ll get used to it–eventually.

So there will be more hardships, probably regrets too and more curses, but hey, I’m willing to spend more time with Ohno-kun (yep, I name all my things).


It’s pretty, isn’t it?

Although, damn, it’s pricey maintaining a bike. Just this afternoon, my uncle pointed out that the back tire is flat. When I had it checked in a bike shop, the guy said the entire tire has to be replaced because when I rode it while unaware that it was already flat, the tire folded until it tore. So tonight’s バイト money goes to bike repair. I also have to buy a bike bell, cover, and a brand new helmet. My uncle was nice enough to give me one of his spare ones, but the image of city girl with bike gets damaged with the Marlboro passionate cyclist helmet. For now, I’ll hold on to it.

Probably should read-up more on how to maintain a bike, too. So much work!





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