Hello, Insomnia.

Not very pleased to meet with you on a Monday midnight.


I have been up since 3:30 in the morning. I woke up needing to pee then I couldn’t get my sleep back. I rolled around in bed trying to drift to sleep, but my mind was immediately active and would not stop thinking! It’s 6:30 now, I have to go work in a few hours, but I’ve only rested for three hours.

Egaaaaaaaaaaaaaad, I wanna cry.

I swear, McDonald’s coffee float could be the sole culprit of this crime! I ordered this drink when I hanged out with my best friend yesterday afternoon. When it was time to go home, we both got sleepy. She also ordered coffee, but it was iced. Nonetheless, McDonald’s coffee, right? Anyhow, I tried to sleep early but the amount of Ohno-goodness on the net kept me browsing for more, so I slept around a few minutes before 12 after finishing reading a fanfic.

I knew I sort of wanted to pee before I fell asleep, but tiredness got the better of me. And so my bladder woke me up a few hours later, then here I am typing with really sore eyes.

I’ve had insomnia for years actually, I just never really paid much attention to it. I thought my abnormal sleep patterns and difficulty in sleeping were mere consequences of my lifestyle. Well, the lifestyle which causes me insomnia. There was a point when I’d feel sluggish the whole week because of my lack of quality sleep, so I started reading a few articles regarding the matter.

Some articles pointed out that quality sleep beyond quantity of sleep. Of course we got to sleep as much as we can, especially we need a good sleep at night (or during the day for night workers), however, if your short sleep was peaceful and deep, you’d feel as strong as a person who slept well with good hours. Moreover, insomniacs have to find a way to get themselves tired or very relaxed to fall asleep.

In my case, I usually listen to music or a radio recording/drama, or read a book. Music used to be very effective in lulling me, but over the years the music distracted me more. If I listen to music to sleep, I need to listen to foreign music like Japanese or Korean so my brain can disregard decoding the meaning of the lyrics. Reading books is more of my preference these days, especially when I had my kindle. Anyway, I’d read with a lamp before for my paperbacks when I really liked it, but the Kindle gave me more reasons to read. Anyhow, reading relaxes my mind and usually tires my eyes enough that I’d instantly fall asleep. Sometimes the stories would keep my mind more awake, but if I try to imagine the continuation of the stories in my head, they make me feel at eased, then I fall asleep!


Oh, I’ve said enough, haven’t I? *YAWN*

I think I’m ready to get a few hours of wink before starting to work. Wish me luck today!



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