{Expectation VS Reality} Biking: A REVERSE

As I promised myself (and stated in this blog before), I would bike again to and from work.

I did.

To be honest, I was expecting that I would have a terrible time like my first attempt, but everything went smoothly! Biking was a breeze today, except for a few wrong turns which ate some of my energy.

I’m not really sure if the reason for my easier run this time is because I plotted my route well, avoiding any which too much cars would pass or there are up-hill curves (I also made sure to have a Gatorade in my basket), or because my bike felt so much lighter than before. I guess having it checked by my uncle, cousin, and grandfather was a great thing. They tweaked something with the bike and it run faster on the flat routes, and it felt lighter on the up-hill curves!

The rush-hour traffic horrified me, but I was able to bike with ease at the side of the road. It was kinda scary running with big cars, but I had to be brave. Anyway, the feeling down-hill felt brilliant! My only problem is the motorists since they tend to run faster than cars and can easily bump into me when they’re trying to find a hole within the traffic. And people! Guh! Why won’t they get the fuck off the road?! I seriously need to buy a bell soon.


It was a good day, nonetheless. I had a good time at school, only one student, so I was able to ready worksheets for my students next week. I’m beginning to be more comfortable with my co-teachers and I feel they’re getting to know me better and are getting more comfortable with me, too.

I’m glad I did the biking again. The “what if…” would torture me! Some things are worth trying, even if it’s difficult or seems difficult, but if we never give it a chance to be experienced, then it remains a fantasy.

So wait for me, Japan! I’ll live there. I swear!


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