Eherm 3.

So… we didn’t sit beside each other today.

One of the main reason is their department settled themselves earlier than us, so the room was full even before all the teachers of our department got there. Second, the whole sit-beside-each-other is probably just a coincidence and nothing else. If I’m lucky tomorrow, we’d be beside each other, but I think after yelling at her today (not in seriousness, of course) and being in the presence of each other too much, I think it’s a thin chance.

Moreover, I feel my attraction is waning down a bit. Not because there’s something bad about her, but I think I’m just getting very used to having her in close proximity and being able to joke around that I don’t seek her that much anymore. It would be super nice to have a normal, serious conversation one of these days with just the two of us, but I think that would not be beneficial for me, yes? I mean, I might find some really nice things about her and the feeling intensifies.

If that happens, then what? Well, on the other hand, I might appreciate her more as a friend/colleague later.

Anyway, indeed work life got more interesting for me. Not only am I closer to my colleagues and I’m finding my way around my job better, but there’s somebody special to watch out for everyday. 🙂


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