Eherm 5.

So crush was not in the mood today.

Unlike yesterday, she was the first one from their department to say hi to me. Today, I kept waiting for her class to finish so I can say hello, but she just passed me by. Also, she was nowhere near my table during lunch and we didn’t talk at all! To think that I made sure to dress really well, and girly today.

I can’t believe I spent the whole seeking for her and greeting her and smiling at her lovingly at every chance we’re in the same area. I’m getting so hyper-aware of her and feeling foolish already.

I’m also planning on buying that cologne I used before which she like a lot. Yep, it’s me seducing now, WTF.


Damn it.

What’s happening.


But I wanna see her tomorrow. Although I think that’s impossible. Maybe Monday is the soonest. *sigh*






This version of me is getting more and more ridiculous.



On the other hand, I’m so loving my other co-teachers. All of them are so nice to me. Apparently, it’s true that the problem we didn’t get along earlier was my own fault in judging character. I can be so arrogant sometimes. Urgh. I’m so thankful for these people who are making my work days more fun and for welcoming me.

As always, lunch time/recess is the best. 😀


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