Eherm: Heartbreak

I think I’m getting through one.

My feelings didn’t develop into love (thankfully) for my crush, but trying to let go and erase the feeling is proving to be very challenging.

One, there were moments when I wanted to hit my head in the wall for catching myself enveloped in a fantasy of/with her. Two, for some reason, I got easily irritated or my mood would plummet without enough valid events to support it. Moreover, my appetite is not normal. I’m not getting too jiggy with my rice. That’s so not a good sign. And finally, just thinking, knowing that I’d have to get over it is making me, well…sad. Like when your parents told you they’d buy you a doll you’ve always wanted, but suddenly they say that they’ll buy you the next best doll next time and you just agree because the choice is not yours in the end anyway.

I’m still sleeping pretty comfortably, don’t worry. I’m able distract myself well of those thoughts. Most importantly, my co-teachers are so much fun to be with, being without her in the same building doesn’t seem to lacking anymore.

Yeah, moving on. 🙂

Hopefully. (As of this moment, I’m excited for tomorrow: work. Urgh.)


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