No derailing

Okay, I really need to regain ground.


This day was mind-bugging enough (in terms of my relationship with some co-workers) that it made me reflect on my current status.

In school, I’m a teacher before a friend or co-worker, so I should be giving more of my energy to work. I love my co-teachers to pieces and I’m so thankful that I’m forging a strong, friendly relationship with them from this point, but they zap too much of my energy! Haha~ It’s not their fault of course, those girls can work well while having fun around them. I’m the one who has a difficult time adjusting to the situation; the better situation. I guess I’m still getting used to the good chaos with the bad that I’m leaning more to the favorable as of now.

Nonetheless, I think this good situation with my co-teachers will remain stable (I do hope so!), so I have to go back to focusing on work now. I don’t want to let other people get inside my head (and heart) if I’m not gonna matter to them too. So be it.


Alright, Michelle.



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