Manga Recommendation: ORANGE


Orange by Takano Ichigo


On the day of the school’s opening, 16 year-old Takamiya Naho receives a letter from an unknown sender. It is later reveled in the contents that she will be meeting a new classmate to which the continuation and purpose of the letter would be all about. The letters are from her 27-year-old self who instructs her of things she should miss and not miss, including feelings she would have to express in order to avoid regrets. Ultimately, the letters are there to avoid a tragedy in her future-self’s present.


When my friend recommended the manga to me and my friends, it already seemed interesting. Upon reading this manga, I found that the theme of regret resonating so well with my recent experiences that I couldn’t help but be a bit depressed after reading it.

Regret is that painful feeling hand-in-hand with a certain memory of what-ifs. These memories that we should have seen and experience if only we had paid more attention to a certain person or event. These are memories we would never posses because we missed the chance to choose it.

Probably the most painful parts of this manga is Takamiya finding out the purpose of the letters and what she doesn’t have anymore in the future. The choices she have made in the past, despite not necessary wrong, led to a future lacking of something precious from her past. Even though Takamiya’s life in the future is happy with a loving husband and child, she is filled with sadness for the things she regretted not doing in the past.

I recommend this manga so much because I’ve been in a tragic situation with a lot of regrets connected to it myself. If only I can send a letter to myself in a parallel world, I’d tell her to give more attention to the people she loves because the reality of her present has a very sad aspect. I think we all can relate to the characters of this manga.

As of now, there’s only 10 chapters translated to English, but I feel this manga would always be worth the wait. 🙂


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