dirty shoes

Sometimes the dirtier, riskier road is the better one to take.

It’s the thought that plagued my mind today after an urge to walk my favorite green, muddy path to school made me get off the jeepney on impulse.

It’s been a while, actually.

On most weekdays, I am taken to school by my grandfather since he drops my aunt to work ever since the world began. With my aunt now working very close to our school, I have had the privellage of a “school service” years after graduating primary school. How ironic. Well, the convenience of a service has been great, of course, but I somehow feel like I’ve missed on a lot of things.

While walking to work (school) this morning (after alighting the jeep), I noticed an orange building standing tall from a distance. It’s actually just behind our school building, or I could be wrong. From my distance, my perception was askwed, so the building could have been beyond what I assume. Nonetheless, it was there. After six months of walking the same path almost everyday to work, it was the first time I’ve seen that building.

So I’m rambling about a discovered building from a distance which could be just my imagination (if I think about it from another angle), but the point I’m trying to drive at is simple, actually.

If I didn’t chose to get off that jeepney (since I paid to be dropped off a different place which was actually cleaner and safer) at that certain moment, I would never have that eureka moment. My day would have been the same, and I probably won’t bother to post this. What’s special about my days, anyways? However, this single, humble discovery brought me so much more than a mere visual. Maybe I’m just romantesizing, but isn’t if fascinating for our world to grow a bit wider every time we have a discovery? No matter how miniscule the importance is, our world shifts–somehow–because of this discovery.

The next time I walk the same path, I’d be wondering about the orange building, heck, I’d probably seek for it. So you see, my walks in the same path will never be the same again. The green grass, the brown, murky field, the tall buildings, and even the paleness or clearness of the sky is affected by that orange building from a distance. Everything changes.

Despite my working conditions getting worse by the months as I’m walking on scalding eggshells, me being in a pinch with my boss, and my insecurity blooming while I feel myself digging further into my shell, this musing was a breath of fresh air. It’s like a crack from this shell which gave me a bit of light and a view of the other, brighter world.

Definitely, I’m proud of my muddy shoes today.


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