Story relay

One sunny day, a scientist, a clown, and a witch got lost in a remote island, so the witch used her powers but it didn’t work.

Suddenly, the clown got lost, but he found a beach. When they got there, the scientist felt very hot, so he removed his coat and then jumped into the water! The witch shouted, No, you might get bitten by sharks!”. At the same time, the clown jumped in the water with his clothes. The clown and the scientist had fun swimming and splashing in the water when suddenly, they saw a shark going near them, so the clown and the scientist asked the witch to pull and pull as fast as she could. Fortunately, they got back in land in time.

After the scary incident with the hungry shark, the three decided to walk back to the forst where they saw an an old wooden rusty door. The clown felt very curious, so together with the others, they pushed really hard and saw a big carnival where everyone was dancing, eating, and riding happily. A person greeted them inside.

Later, the clown rode the rollercoaster, leaving the witch and scientist by themselves. They looked at the clown ride the rollercoaster. He had so much fun that he didn’t notice his nose and wig got blown away by the strong wind! The others yelled, “Your wig and nose are gone!”, but he didn’t hear them, so he carried on and on having fun and even waving his arms in the air because he just doesn’t care!

A man that looked like Captain Hook who sat beside the clown looked very grumpy even when he was riding the rollercoaster. Both the scientist and the witch asked the little girl that had a pet frog why the guy looked grumpy. She said, “Oh, that one? His parrot would not talk. It copies all the things he says.

“I see,” said both the scientist and witch in unison. When the ride was finished, the clown felt very light like a balloon. He touched his head and found out his wig was not in place anymore.

“Grr….” The clown heard a growl behind him. The pirate man had a bright red thing hanging on his hook, then his parrot spoke, “Haha! Funny! Funny! Funny!”


This is a free-writing activity I had with my creative writing students. There are days when they’re just not in the mood to have a proper class, so I give this activity instead. It’s a story relay, so we took turns in developing the story. It’s fun, but it can be quite difficult! My students, who are years older than I am, have fluctuating, crazy ideas for the flow of the story, including the characters assigned to them. Being the adult that I am with less grand imagination and restrictions in writing, I sometimes cannot follow their train of thoughts immediately. Anyway, I always enjoy this activity as I get to observe how imaginative my students are and what their strengths in writing are without guide. Moreover, as I struggle to have my writing spirit back, this activity forces my creativity back. 🙂


Michelle (27), Reese (7), Armand (6)


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