Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetMarch with pride and music with the barefooted bunch

Dirt and pebbles, under their foot

Rough, calloused

Lightness in their hearts

A gentle breeze joins, dancing

Smiles, stories

Taking their time

Small steps, big leaps of love

I felt a surge of pride as I took off my shoes to join a humble group barefooted hippies marching along my regular route home this evening.

Shoes are comfortable and secure, but walking without, on concrete, surrounded by others who chose to be on the safe side, is marvelously liberating.

As an out-of-the-blue invitation, I had no expectation whatsoever about this event. I’ve heard of the walking-around-barefoot part from my co-teacher, but I never gave enough time to think about it. I didn’t even expect I’d be joining it anytime in the future! Moreover, except for my friends, I had no idea who I was marching with or the background of TOMS. I just know that being part of the event earns one child from an impoverished country a pair of shoes, and another one for putting a hashtag on Instagram, so that was enough reason to be swayed to join the movement.

The best thing about that short parade was–along the eager invitation of our parade leader–when bystanders began taking of their footwear to join our crowd. It was very fascinating! Though I had a teensy wound from the barefooted walk, it was a worth-it mark.

Though pricey, I’m thinking of purchasing a pair of kicks next time I see a TOMS store, just to show support to this wonderful project they have of helping. šŸ™‚




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