12 Undeniable Stages Of Falling Head-Over-Heels For A New Book

Thought Catalog

tgaltgal tgaltgal

1. The Meet Cute

You were walking through the bookstore, and there it was. A sweet, unassuming novel perched on an end cap. You cautiously pick it up and read the back. The entire store quiets, the lights dim, and you’re immediately drawn in by the synopsis. You’ve got a good feeling about this one, and quickly head to the check out.

2. The Flirting

You set the book on your coffee table, anxious to begin, but you’ve got some other chores to do before you can sit down. You meander around your apartment, cleaning this, tidying that, all the while sneaking glances back at the gem on your coffee table. It smiles back, tempting you to wander over.

3. The First Date

You’ve brewed some tea, swaddled yourself in your softest blanket, and crack the book open. You’ve barely finished the first paragraph, and you already know this…

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