Amy: How many layers of cover-up mousse did you put on this morning? Do you think if you go to a different country, you’ll be able to take off one of those layers? How many miles will you have to travel to be able to take it all off, Kieren Walker?


Kieren: I can’t leave.

Simon: Isn’t leaving what you wanted to do?

Kieren: Yeah, it was. Amy once asked me how many miles I’d have to go before I could be okay with myself. I thought I’d have to go around the whole world. And I don’t think that anymore. I’m okay here.


In The Flesh (British TV Series)

I’m so amazed by this show’s story that I can’t help but wonder why, why they had to cancel it. Yes, budget issues, but with the BAFTAs it has earned over the two short seasons and a very promising successful third, won’t investing for a third series be more profitable for the company?

This series is far from the massiveness that SHERLOCK has become, but it has such interesting characters, worth-discussing-until-the-next-dawn conflicts, questions to be answered…sigh.

And of course Simon and Kieren are just adorable bastards in love.

Oh well. I hope those petitions win. *crosses fingers*


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