What is Life…on a Friday?

Well, mostly resignation, isn’t it?

You wake up late for work. Heck, it’s Friday anyway.

You get stuck in traffic on your way to work, you’re late anyway and it’s a Friday.

You encounter irritating creatures inside a public transportation, you just shrug it off with three deep breaths and the thought, Oh fuck it, it’s Friday anyway.

You get to work and your devil incarnate boss stops phasing the halls just to give you a scrutinizing look, then the time because you’re late. Uhm, just smile (then sneer secretly) and rejoice that there’s two days of heaven without her. Ahhhh… it’s Friday.

Work doesn’t go well, there’s too much going on, but productivity is nay. You just give a very deep sigh to the heavens and think that I’m so done with this. It’s Friday. It’s FRIIIIIIDDAAAAAYYYY.

Basically, Friday is my chill day. Not that I try not to fight the negativity that happens, but it’s just less stressful to be resigned to something for a day, right? No?

It’s Friday, okay? *whistles*


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