Living On Less

I’m not an active advocate of volunteerism and altruism, but I do what I can–when I can–to help.

One day, one of my good friends messaged us about donating for a good cause and in turn she would sacrifice eating meals for a day with a daily budget of 3 Singaporean Dollars (a good meal in Singapore could cost 3SGD and above, but this budget is for a whole day). Mind you, there’s no poverty in Singapore, but the rest of the world has. Exhibit A: Philippines. The point of this challenge is to experience living beyond the poverty line of impoverished countries.

According to the group that launched this “living for less” act, there’s a study about how pain and suffering increases sympathy. Therefore, if the challenger can experience how it is for a poor person to experience a day on a very frugal budget, his or her sympathy and empathy to the poor increases; increasing the chance of that person to help more in the future. Helping could turn into saving, thus, everybody happy!

It took me a day to think through whether I should take the challenge or not. I love to eat, so this would be a challenge, indeed. After I donated to my friend’s cause, I was very pleased to know that I could help a whole classroom of children with a mere 20SGD to be rid of parasites that cause their body and education to suffer.

After a day, I’ve decided. I’ll try to raise money on my own and take on the challenge. I’m an impulsive spender, but I can be extremely tight with my money when I’m motivated to save up for something, to the point that I’m willing to starve myself if needed. Challenge accepted!

For anyone still willing to lend a small help, please visit this website: LIVING ON LESS. Thank you very much!

–Dr. Wayne W. Dyer


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