Living on Less: Day 2

Budget today: 44.75 PHP

Since the Lucky Me instant noodles was surprisingly expensive for instant food targeting mass consumption, I was left with a debt of 1.25 from yesterday. Of course, since in my current state of food poverty, I had to lessen it to the next day budget; thus, the 44.75.

This day was actually better than expected. I didn’t have cravings nor was I actually hungry. For the most part, I just missed the act of eating.

On my previous diet, Day 2 was difficult since I started feeling really hungry, and the thought of quitting was very appealing. I mean, the first day of a challenge, you would still be very driven about the goal and the last day is you’d feel the need to hold on since you wouldn’t want to waste your effort so far. That’s why on the second day, that’s when you can think that nothing much have been wasted yet, so better stop the agony now. On the other hand, no such thoughts entered my mind. I just wanted to focus on the goal and how to keep myself satisfied within the budget.

Despite the smaller amount intended for today, I even had 1.50 PHP left of it when I tweaked the items on the meal plan.


  • Payless instant noodles (6.25)
  • Kopiko instant coffee (6.00)
  • 1 slice of local bread (5.00)


  • 1 piece sweet bread (5.00)
  • Presto peanut butter cookies (6.00)
  • small boiled egg (5.00)


  • Payless instant noodles (6.25)
  • Fita crackers (6.00) 1 slice of local bread (5.00)


43.25 php

When I realized I forgot my Fita crackers at school which I had to eat for dinner, I was already at home. Annoyed, I had to go out again to buy it outside. Luckily, another bakery in my neighborhood had more options of the sweet cheap bread that night. Their honey bread was also bigger than the bread I bought from the other bakery, but theirs are too sweet. Nonetheless, if keeping me full is the goal, then the sweeter, bigger bread would do.

On the contrary, while I’m able to keep my tummy satisfied within the budget, my choice or option for food is definitely not good for my body. Although some instant noodles claim to have vitamins whatsoever, the wax in their noodles are going to stay dormant for the next three weeks in my stomach. Except for flour and sugar, what else does my body get from bread, biscuits and cookies? I’m only enduring this diet for three days, but others who could be living off these kinds of food everyday would probably be lacking in nutrition.

Of course, when we don’t get good nutrition, how can our mind stay alert and our immune system strong? :/



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