It’s been six tumultuous years of finding a purpose in life after graduation, and I’ve probably found it this year. Finally.

I didn’t intend to be a teacher , but I have a dream of having an impact on somebody’s life someday. Even just one person would satisfy that dream, but now I think I can dream bigger.

Facing what’s in front of me properly this time around, I decided to pursue my understanding of what education really is about to a life of a person through the University of the Philippine’s Online University (UPOU) program for professional teaching. I’ve been wanting to go back to school for a while, especially as I started feeling my skills are becoming inadequate to continue teaching further. I’ve started feeling uneasy of how I am performing as a teacher without the proper background in education. I want to understand more how a person absorbs learning, so I can be of better help to them.

This will be the nook of my personal blog dedicated to the reflections I have for EDS 111: Principles of Teaching.

My name is Michelle Giron, signing in.



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