Introduction: Initial Thoughts on Learning, Being an Online Learner, and Goals

Back when I was a student, I admit to being a procrastinator. Mind you, though constantly cramming, I never missed a deadline. On the contrary, the quality of my work–I was aware–suffered greatly. I knew that if I gave studying more time over personal interest, I would’ve gotten better grades, probably better opportunities, and self-confidence in my skills.

As a student again after six long years, can I change myself? I definitely can and should. The result of my study skills inventory, and time-management skills test revealed how bad of a learner I was.

study skills resultExcept for Memory, all my scores are below the benchmark. To be honest, I was expecting a better result; but I guess that’s one fault in my attitude as a student already: being over-confident. According to Prof. Stephen Chew of University of Samford University, we have to avoid overconfidence no matter what. I understand that. We are only smart as much as we think we are.

In terms of time management, I think I pull it of pretty well. That is, when I’m cramming or when it doesn’t concern studying. My result for the Time Management Skills Test shows that I’m a Good Time Manager. However, with a score of 50, I’m only five points to go before being a Poor Time Manager and I’m heaps away from being excellent. When I realized this, my joy for not falling into the poor time manager category was short lived.

So I realized: I’m an average person who has average studying skills and graduated with average grades. It’s not so bad being average, but if there’s an avenue to be better than one, why not take the chance, right?

I now see how much I have to change myself if I want to be a successful online learner as being one requires excellent time management and studying skills. Balancing a full-time job, a part-time job, studying, and social life is an extra-large order, not to mention I am easily distracted by just about anything (finishing this post took me two hours because I kept looking at other websites, see?), but I am accepting the challenge.

I believe that through this online learning program, I can facilitate myself better though constant monitoring of my behavior towards time and priorities, as well my metacognition so I can maximize my learning skills. I hated reading materials on top of the other when I was a student back then, but I should simply change my view of that from being a chore to a challenge.

It’s only the first week and I am floored by the amount of tasks UPOU has for me, for us students of the PTC program. However, I am committed to my role as a student.

As a teacher, I have a duty to brighten myself further, so I can shine and guide more students to better understanding of the world and beyond.

So I say with confidence to challenges: BRING IT ON!


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