The Finish Line?

…am I really there yet? Perhaps so.

In a few days, my first term as a student (again) would come to its conclusion. I’m halfway done with the wrap-up requirements including the demo teaching which I conducted yesterday. Thus, I’m halfway holding my breath to finally exhale and say, “WHEW!”

It’s been an incredible three and a half months of checklists, timetables, reading materials, answering forum questions, reflections, and waves after waves of realizations and understanding of this profession I’ve decided to take on.

To be honest, this course made me question myself if being a teacher really suits me. Being a teacher requires so much more than just teaching as you have to be really passionate about the work to find reason to continue with it despite the load of work one has to accomplish even if it’s just for one class.

Can I do that? Even after taking those surveys and studying habits tests, I still couldn’t be consistent with time management and prioritizing. I’ve been distracted with so many personal things that I felt I’ve sacrificed the quality of my studying for the past month. Well, my grades are a reflection of that and I have to say, I’m pretty disappointed with them, but then, I know for a fact that I could have done better, so what to do?

Despite the doubts, I’ve definitely learned a lot from this course. For one, my goal in receiving the teacher certification has changed. Before, I wanted to gain teacher certification to quality for the board exam for teachers and eventually pass it to get a PRC license. Now, I believe that has changed due to what I learned from EDS:111. My goal now is to be worthy of that certification; to be called a teacher professionally because I embody one.  Based on this course, I learned that great teachers are:

  • Knowledgeable in all areas of the profession: has content knowledge and mastery, is creative and open-minded to ways of instruction to achieve maximum learning of students, fosters positive relationships with students, is reflective of her teaching before, during, and after class, and seeks life-long learning.

The question is, can I be one?

We’d have to see. I sure hope so. As we say in Filipino: marami pa akong kakaining bigas. Kaban kaban pa siguro.

Nonetheless, I do believe that the end of this course opens a door to new heights of opportunities to learn. The required demo-teaching was an opportunity to experience first hand how it was handling a group of students in a class. Somehow, my experience handling kids in my work now helped in managing the class and the flow of instruction, but I would say it was more or less chaotic. Anyway, it was loads of fun and even though there were setbacks, I would want to experience that again. I wouldn’t mind, seriously. I’m ever so thankful that they tried their best to give me attention even if I was a new face. I’m glad they liked the book I taught them! And of course, I do hope that they somehow understood the lesson the story and I (as a teacher) wanted to impart. 😀

So, am I at the finish line? Almost! Then we begin again. It’s a cycle of learning, so we say. Well, that’s inclusive of the puyat, stress, and fatigue. Haha! Nonetheless, same as I’ve exclaimed about challenge in the beginning of this journal: BRING IT ON!


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