Hey there, 2016.

I began formulating my goals of 2015 before the year ended at 2014. It’s a few hours before it turns 2016 and I still haven’t really thought of a theme for next year.

2014 was a year of changes; a change that I didn’t welcome, but learned to embrace. The changes awakened in me a braver side, a side that welcomed challenges with a smirk.

I believe that 2015 had been a fruitful year of conquered challenges and unlocked goals. I learned more about myself this year than I ever had in any other year; therefore, I wanna continue with this kind of attitude in the following year.

My personality now welcomes changes and embraces challenges, but the greatest difficulty I’ve always had is consistency.


It’s so easy to start something new, but it’s certainly hard to continue until the end. Self-growth is a commitment; commitment requires devotion, patience, and sticking with the plan through good and bad times. I’m glad that even though I still sometimes slip into feeling the urge to abandon something I’ve started, I can now psyche myself up to go on. I’m so glad that the two previous years have graced me with a vision in the future. Until when that future stretches to, I’m just wishing that I get to see those visions to reality before I die.

Unfortunately, I still get a strong feeling that I’m gonna die around 33 years old that now I’m somehow feeling melancholic that I’m not gonna see more of life before that. I guess this is one of the reasons why, at 27 (turning 28 in a few months), I’m becoming more eager to find out what else life has to offer for me, preferably, outside the Philippines.


Perhaps I’m jumping the bandwagon of my peers moving outside the country, but I now understand why most do so. A lot of Filipinos are fleeing the country to earn money and help their family, and that’s also one of my goals, but not the primarily. If it’s just living, I’m satisfied with my life here in the Philippines. The traffic, the corrupt politicians, the faulty government, the opportunist countrymen–I’m all used to that. I have lived with that, and I believe I can continue hoping that I get to see a rebirth of the Philippines with my child (if there’s a hubby, the better).

Despite the sad reality of my country, I am in love with the concept of home. My home is in my mother’s love and affection, the micro-world I built in my room, in the company of my friends and our simple preferences of fast-food, street food, and joking with random strangers, sudden touches of kindness, the smiles, etc. I love the Philippines and all the mysteries of its culture I still have to discover, but I feel that I need to say goodbye for now. I am thirsty for the truth which is out there. I wanna know more of what life can offer and how much I can fill more for a better life. I would have to say goodbye to everything that has been my comfort blanket, but I’m not going out there unclothed and unguarded. I’m sure it’s going to be uncomfortable, perhaps there would be bouts of homesickness, but I swear I’ll try to make every minute worth while.

Where do I want to go? Japan. It has always been my dream to live there ever since I was a kid–due to anime of course. I’ve outgrown the anime stuff, but I’m more than willing to come back to it and learn deeper of the country’s culture, language, and society. (Naks, mature na!)

Of course, I can’t be choosy, right? I’ll have to try in other countries also: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, or Korea. Anywhere is good for work since experience is priceless, but of course, since I’d be considered an OFW, might as well earn decent more than I earn here to help my family and save up. I’m turning 28, but I have no savings. HUHU. I’m in love with culture, so I wanna live in a country where I can enrich myself more with cultural understanding. I wanna learn more about my own culture through understanding others. Somehow, I now understand what diaspora is about. Whenever I would talk about the Philippines and Filipinos to foreigners, I understand a bit more, appreciate more about this home of mine and I love it just a bit deeper each time.

I have these big aspirations, grand plans for this year, but my motivation is nowhere. I feel kind of sad about it. And honestly, I’m scared. I would be out of work in two months, and I know I have to start the engine for my new journey this year. I’ve told most people of what I want to do this year and I don’t want to embarrass myself by being all talk and no action. Mostly, I don’t want to disappoint myself. From the traumatic year of 2013, I’ve grown a lot. I should know better and try to change some things which are not working out for me anymore. Like not continuing with my job of almost two years now because I can’t handle some people there anymore. Nonetheless, two years held a lifetime of great memories with my co-teachers, the kids, and thein-betweens of work and friendship. I love the in-between the most as those had the most laugh and jokes with my friends, the hugs and kisses from my beloved kids, and the reflections I’ve had as a teacher. It has been a year and 10 months, the longest I’ve stayed in a work. Achievement? YES! Hopefully, in the next place I work in, I can stay longer. I long for growth and satisfaction.

Can I continue being a teacher? Of course I can! But I really ought to be a better student to be a better teacher. Teaching kids had been an eye-opener to the wonders of education. I hope I can come back to the Philippines and be of more help to the children here. When I’m more secure and capable. That’s a pledge.

So again, hello, 2016. I hope we can be great friends like how I hit it off greatly with 2015. We’re in a really awkward stage right now, but I’m sure we’ll be more comfortable with each other soon.


Love, Michelle.


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