The Playlist: 90s oldies

Music is one of the best things humanity has ever created and any sane middle-class person should reward his/herself a music player for surviving the complexities of being in this class (granted that if you’re poor and miserable, you listen to angry music and if you’re rich you listen to happy music because come on, being rich doesn’t give you the right to gripe about anything else, okay? So being middle-class allows you to bounce between different worlds and words and melody.)

Anyway, I’m not the type to make a playlist. I basically don’t get the idea of having to chose from a heap of mp3 files to classify as “emotional”, “party”, or “airplane jam” (I admittedly have a folder I play when jogging, no name, mind you). Mostly I listen to music either by artist or language. However, in this very particular Monday spent the utmost cozy, I was suddenly lulled to the music of the 90s.

I know. We have this throwback Thursday” thing on the net now, but what the heck, you reminisce because you have memory and a brain, you become nostalgic because you have emotions and a heart so throwbacks can happen any day. 

So here’s “the playlist” this late afternoon:

Eraserheads – Minsan

Bellefire – I’ll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me

INOJ – Let Me Love You Down

INOJ – Time After Time

Kavana – Will You Wait For Me

Joane Osbourne – What if God Was One Of Us

Indigo Girls – Power of Two

4 Non Blondes – What’s Up*

The All American Rejects – Swing Swing Swing

*Karaoke favorite!

I’d love to make a playlist in the future for my favorite Japanese songs as well. They merit an entirely different post because God knows how much Japanese culture has dominated my being.

Anyway, enjoy the songs! (Do YT them yourselves)


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