Bye, 2016.

Saying goodbye to 2016 is like saying goodbye to an acquaintance: there is a minuscule of attachment involved because of a shared experience, but you know the moment you say goodbye, you’re already looking forward to something ahead of your day.

What can I say about 2016?

While thinking of what to say for 2016, I went back through some old posts to review my thoughts on the previous years. Somehow, I’ve had themes since 2013.

2013: Evil year – suffering, illness, chaos

2014: changes

2015: better version of myself

2016: consistency

Through 2014-2016, I tried my best to bring changes in my life. I’ve accepted changes as good despite it being scary. By the first quarter of 2016, I said goodbye to my old job as an Enrichment teacher and became a preschool teacher in a progressive school. I remained consistent with my aspiration to pursue the understanding of education through this change in role. Nonetheless, the management of this new school was also consistent with the mischievous acts of my former bosses, so am I satisfied? Nope. It feels disheartening that one of the reasons I left my former job is because of this problem, and yet, it is present in this new one. As much as I don’t want to mind about it, the new one is actually more annoying than the previous one.

I was consistent with my schooling. I was enrolled for two semesters and was able to complete them with flying colors! I was consistent with making new workmates new friends…so. Alright, I think I was able to do as much of the theme this year.

However, the whole year still seems to MEH.

Like, there are many periods and acts this year that I really regret doing. So much that I wouldn’t mind reliving the days again just to make the decisions better. This year, I suddenly feel like I’m at a crossroad again. I feel lost. I like teaching very much, and to be able to help my students grow was very rewarding as much as it was stressful and tiring. However, I’m starting to think again if this is really where I want to put my life into. Or maybe I’m just lacking in motivation.

So 2017, what do you have in store for me? Nonetheless, I wish that 2017 will be better for everyone. The Philippines had a new president this 2016. Everyone was hopeful he’ll be the savior of the country with his very unique, un-politician way of delivering himself. But in retrospect, I think his personality and campaign was in every way, political. For the first time in my life, I’ve never been this scared for the Philippines. Lord help us that we do not become communist. Seriously. (Shit, he’s friends withe Chinese and Russian president! Run!!!)

So 2017, I’ll be more and more optimistic of my life from the moment you arrive. I really, really should work harder to be successful. I think I’ve always been lucky, I’m just not doing the hard work that’s why success remains far away. Definitely, since I’m not enrolled for the next four months for school, I’ll be reading more books (novels and educational references alike) and get physical! Where did my determination to do boxing go again? Learn the ukelele and have a pet guinea pig for 2017!

As for travels, I hope Taipei would be as nice as my last trip to Sagada (oh yeah, 2016 highlight!) and I can hopefully save up again for a trip with mom. I really owe her big time already.

2017 is in less than six hours. Gotta do my school grid. Bye, 2016!





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