Day 1: 01.01.17

Uneventful turn of the clock, but yeah, welcome 2017.
Our street was still noisy, but relatively less chaotic. Perhaps because of the wetness of the street because of the rain, the usual fire starters were discouraged? Not sure. But then our house, personally was much quieter this year as we were counting less and less. The men who would usually be thoriwng fire crackers one after the other to fend off evil spirits were with their wives and girlfriends.

I really am starting to realize the melancholy that old people always lament about. Aging is the process of realizing and experiencing people in your life saying good bye and leaving your life, for long or for good. You’ll always miss the old days, even if it’s clear as day, that we cannot turn back time. It is this clarity that pains us most.

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