Day 6: 01.06.17

From one of my favorite podcast channel, The Hidden Brain, featured one of the books and theme I contemplated about years ago: getting unstuck.

I forgot what exact book it was, but I remember pulling out the book from the Self-Help section of Fullybooked out of the array of books about the topic. I remember feeling very down because I felt lost about what I really wanted with my life. I felt stuck in a life that I did not feel happy about anymore.

You’ll probably think that I read through the book and found my way to success thanks to it, but nah. I didn’t even buy the book. I did finish the first few pages and followed the initial exercise, then I think I showed it to my best friend, explained what it was then continued rambling about my life.

So imagine my surprise in suddenly encountering the book featured in a podcast I just casually listen to because I’m subscribed to it. But hey, I subscribe to a podcast because I like it. “The Hidden Brain” mostly discusses about socio-pyschological issues–my favorite.

Also, this topic seems so timely since I really feel lost again. As the podcast explained, perhaps I’m enclosing myself to the idea of a “teacher”, when in fact, I can be a different person. Hmmm, I’ve always wondered about that. It’s been six years, is it time to redesign my life?


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