Day 16: 01.16.17

Dear 30-year-old self,

Boss! Ano boss ka pa rin ba? Baka naman mas madam ka na ngayon. Humi-heels ka na ba? Ngayon nga nag-eenjoy ka na mag-kilay, mascara at lipstick eh. Totoo, enjoy. 

Sana by 30, you would have made come true the only definite dream you have for yourself: to live independently abroad. 

Sana nasa Japan ka na, enjoying the culture and exploring more of life and learning more about your weaknesses and strengths. If not Japan, somewhere else. Somewhere safe, but equally thrilling. 

I hope that you would have had a better relationship with your younger brother and father. They drain the fuck of your energy and patience, but you love them the same anyway. Sana mas open ka na with your family. 

Sana may love life ka na! Haha! Isang kyembot nalang finish line na ng kalendaryo talaga eh. Pero kung wala naman, just keep happy. Focus on the now and build compassion towards all the people around you. 

You’re not a very nice person, nor are you bad. You’re imperfect and that’s fine. Keep improving yourself. If ever you hit a wall, basta di ka pa patay, just back pedal and reroute. Ganyan lang ang life. 

Keep strong, 30-year-old, Michelle. Keep smiling. 😁


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