Day 1: 01.17.17

It’s DAY 2 of my 7-day writing challenge from my 2017 planner. So this topic is not as out of the blue compared to the mundane topics of my everyday blog posts.

I’m going to list things that I am proud of (mind you, it’s going to be a long one). Hmmm…let me scavenge my 28-years of existence.

(No particular ranking)

1. I’m proud that I have two mothers. One I fondly call “Mamoy” and one I just call “Tita” with no name after it because she’s the ultimate Tita who is also ever a mom o me.

2. I’m proud that I am a middle child. As much emotional and mental damage being in this position with siblings, I’m proud to be able to experience being an “ate” and “bunso” at the same time. I believe this taught me to always try to understand both sides of a coin before judging. Knowing how to be the older and the younger person also allowed my personality to be flexible with older and younger people than me.

3. I’m proud that I’ve been to three different countries using my own money. It’s hard to travel internationally when you’re the bread-winner of the family. I pay for almost everything in our house. My mom tries her best to contribute to the expenses, but 95% of house expenses is shouldered by me, including extras not included in the monthly budget. Travelling abroad is expensive. Traveling, simply, is expensive–international or domestic. Thus, I’m proud that there are certain points in my life that I was really able to discipline myself and hold back from spending to save up. That’s an achievement since I’m such a spendthrift. Despite setting aside a lot of extras for traveling, I don’t forget my responsibilities at home.

4. I’m proud that I’ve been teaching for six years going on 7 now. Although from time to time, I question life as to why I’m in this profession, but compassion urges me to continue again and again. Though I’m not the best teacher I think I can still be, I hope to have brought differences in the lives of my students, even just a bit.

5. I’m proud that I’m able to provide for my family since 2009. My mother had a very early retirement and I had to step up as the breadwinner. It has been difficult and the pressure is heavy, but I’m able to do it. I never thought I’d be able to live life comfortably while carrying such a heavy responsibility on my shoulders.

6. I’m proud that I’ve won a writing contest at least once. I didn’t rank, but at least it was an honorable mention. This was university-wide, so hey! My messy writing was still recognized.

7. I’m proud of having parents that raised me to be independent. It’s sad for a 2-year-old girl to lose her family because of spouse situation, but we survived. For this, I was raised to stand on my own two feet as soon as I could because the situation needed it. I’m not afraid to make mistakes because my mom taught me that as long as I can correct it or make up for it, I don’t need to be ashamed of it. This independence allowed me to meet different people, to have various experiences in different places, and build my own pace in processing different perspectives.

Alright, I’ll stop here for now (because I’m sleepy). I hope to come back to this list and update. I’m proud of a lot of things, as a matter of fact, but given it’s late and I have a growing headache, I might as well cut it here.


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