Day 18: 01.18.17

What is a perfect day for you?

Hmmm…That’s actually a hard question.

One, I don’t believe in perfection. I believe that in every very happy day will come a very bad day. So I’d rather refer to this as a “very good day” rather than a “perfect” one.



Shucks…this is…challenging.

Probably, a really good day would start with me waking up with no alarm clock from a 7-hour sleep. I will wake up without a struggle from bed despite the coldness of the day, and my sheets bidding me to spend time longer. I’ll grab coffee as fine as the one we drank in Sagada’s Yogurt House, eat pancit canton with hard boiled egg and hot dogs or peanut butter and cheese or egg sandwich with it. I’ll bring my breakfast to bed to start with a romantic-comedy movie.

The movie will end and my mom will call me for lunch. We’ll watch a local TV show, have a lot of laughs and have our commentaries at the side. I’ll stay for a bit longer for dessert, until I go upstairs to my room to rest for the afternoon.

A very good day always includes a dreamless one-hour nap in the afternoon, waking up to the rays of the sun from the window.

In a bit, I’ll wake up, check my office for things to do and attend to them without distractions. I’ll finish at least half of my “to do” list around night time.

My best friend will message me to hang out in a cafe nearby and spend the rest of the night for dinner, stories, reflections, and laughter. We’ll say goodbye around 9 or 10 PM.

At home, I’ll check my phone and discover really nice updates from my current fandom, but I won’t get so carried away that I will still sleep before 12 midnight.

So…there. Haha! It’s really a whole day! My very good day is not as uneventful as it probably be for others like traveling or going on a date, but these are the things that I’m not able to do on a daily basis (sleeping early, being productive), so if they will all happen in a day, that would be my definition of “a very good day”.


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