Day 21: 01.21.17

Challenge: Write about five things you really miss.

1. Writing fiction
There was a time in my life that I wrote several hours a day without even noticing the time. There was a time in my life that I would be in the toilet doing what royalties do when a muse would kiss me (yes, in the unexpected of places) and I’d be able to turn those ideas into images using words. I had notebooks full of unfinished stories, notepad files of story ideas, and an actual folder of collected, accomplished stories. Getting lost in the mind of a character I created was pure bliss. I always miss writing. I felt like I left my heart somewhere, I got lost, and I still cannot find my back to it. I wish that there will come a time that I’ll be able to create a new world in words again.

2. College life
Many people cherish high school life because they say it is the most exiting time of love, friendship, and dreams flourish. College is the time when love, friendship, and dreams are faced and tested. I enjoyed high school, but I was most myself during college. I met like-minded people. My batch mates in high school branded me as weird, but in college, in our small Lit class/batch, weird was a standard. We were all cool being in weird, and we grew in weirdness together. My perspective of life, culture, and society widen during this time. I still cannot fathom how I was ever able to graduate with all those subject requirements and the thesis. Sleep was a privilege during these years, coffee, photocopies, and the library were my non-living best friends. Life was so crazily busy in college as we try to make sense of what we’re learning and figuring out what we can do after, but it was one of the most vibrant point of my life. I miss my university, University of Santo Tomas (UST), especially the library. Haha! It was also these times that I had three intense crushes on someone. One, I even blogged about here. I miss the FX ride home with my best friend Joanna when we discussed about topics in our Lit classes, especially in Queer theory. Such intellects we were, weren’t we? Haaaaaaay.

3. Biking
There’s something about the feeling of riding a bike that is so liberating. The feel of the pedal under your foot and the glide of the tires against the pavement, smooth and seemless is just pure bliss. I used to bike to work in BGC and I never felt so cool in my life! Why did I stop biking? It’s just a bit inconvenient. Haha! My bike is also a bit heavy, so I’m gonna save up to buy the foldable one so that it’s much easier to use for my weight. Hihi.

4. Giron Family get-together in Las Pinas
The families on my dad’s side used to be very close. I believe we have a strongly established family connection towards one another, it’s just that we are not physically able to now. As I grew older, a lot of members of the Giron family flew abroad. First it was my cousin Ate Ivy to Canada, my dad settled in LA, my Tito Monching, Tita Grace, cousins Raymond and Regine were petitioned to San Franciso; Tito Rod and Tita Digna stayed in Canada with Ate Ivy in the last three years and I think they will go back; next would be my cousin Boom and possibly my youngest brother going to the states. The kids who used to play video games and cards together till the wee hours of the morning in one house in Las Pinas while the parents drank and played cards to their pockets’ stretch were a thing of the past. Unfortunately, the new generation cannot continue the legacy of those fun family gathering anymore; not with almost everyone leaving the country already. We used to go there almost every weekend to sleep over, to swim at the nearby club house, eat together, go to the mall, etc. It was just a lot of fun with my extended family around. Ahhh, the good ‘ol times.

5. Reading books
Last year I failed to finish even one novel and I don’ feel that bad about it. I should feel bad about it, right? Yes, I should. My degree is in literature, for goodness sake, what’s wrong with me?! Oh, but there’s just too much to read for the new work and school that I just could not get the time. Too much to read already that my leisure was targeted to videos. I think I didn’t even have a manga phase last year, what the heck. Anyway, I miss reading books, novels to be exact. I’m not a wide and fast reader, but when I have the novel-reading phase, I really drop reality to enter a new world. Probably one of the easier explanation to my lack of fiction writing is because I don’t have exposure to good writing, as well. My writing has become rusty, too. My year shouldn’t be too busy as I skipped a semester, so one of my goals is to read at least five books this year. I used to challenge myself to at least 15 to 20 books in a year, but I’ll be more realistic now and stick to five. My books are getting dusty as they wait for me to pick them up. My Kindle’s battery just dies down without me even using it. It’s so sad. Come on, reading phase! Come here already!!!


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