Day 22: 01.22.17

Challenge: Write about 3 places you would really love to visit.

1. Kyoto (Japan)

Traditional Japanese culture at its finest. I think I would fangirl the whole time I would be in Kyoto. I love almost everything that has something to do with Japan, and it’s old tradition is at the top of the most intriguing for me. I imagine being in Kyoto as similar to time traveling with its streets and architectures preserved in it’s traditional image. I believe they try their best to use the same old materials for its maintenance. I can’t tell more because I’m sure Kyoto would love to tell me more about itself personally when I get there.

2. Osaka (Japan)

Dotonburi! Seriously, the main reason Osaka made it to the top of my Japan destination is because Dotonburi which is like a small alley that has rows of food stalls. We have that in the Philippines of course, but this is Japan, this is Osaka which is called the “kitchen of Japan”. Osaka dialect also fascinates me to pieces. I would love to master talking in Kansai-ben. Bari bari ee yan!

3.  Cebu (Philippines)

After our Sagada trip, it convinced me that the Philippines is really a wonderful place to explore. On the top of my head, Cebu is one of the places I’d really love to visit. The historical sites, the beaches, the city landscape. I’m not sure. I’m sure there are better places to visit, but this one calls loudest to me.


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