Day 23: 01.23.17

Dear Michelle,

Opportunities have come and go, so for the next ones that will your way, don’t just open the door to peek at it, open it wide, let it come in, and have a conversation with it. Don’t be afraid to take a stroll with it. You never know, it might be the one for you. Good luck!

This was a letter a wrote for myself as part of the weekly writing prompts of my 2017 planner. I chose the topic of opportunities because I feel like I’ve let a lot of opportunities come and go. Some I’ve freely let go due to circumstance or cowardness, and some I probably did not even recognize as one.

This afternoon, the mother of my tutee and I got into a conversation which rounded up to future plans and my fascination with Japan. It turned into a mention of job for their start-up company with Japanese employers. They asked me to give my CV for their partners to evaluate.

There are some conflicts with my current employment, but when I thought about it, wow. Is this the opportunity I was asking for? I was suddenly in the face with it and enticed. If I really want it, I think I would need to sacrifice a few things that could end up hurting others.

I still have time to think about and there’s no assurance I’ll be picked as I am only an applicant for now, but I do hope it pushes through. I do hope this is it.


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