Day 28: 01.28.17

I’m lucky to have a best friend. I have a pretty short best friend list, but she’s on top of it. I’ve never had a best friend as in sync with my opinions as hers. We’ve had our rough years, especially when we were starting out with the label as “best friends”. It was my fault actually. I was the one who gave that label.

And hey, I’m not fond of labeling relationships.

Nonetheless, we learned how to compromise with our differences in preferences and moods. We’ve never had a big fight and I’m pretty thankful of that. Once, I questioned if it was healthy for our relationship not to have a riff like others do which make it stronger. I guess, ours is just a different story, but it doesn’t mean that our friendship is any less stronger. Best friends for 12 years, yo!

It made me write about our “bestfriendship” because tonight was one of those nights where in we would hangout in a dim parks with humble snacks to much, but a feast of stories, ideas, and opinions to share. We talked about work, food, politics, religion, media, drugs, Nikki Minaj, being an elementary teachers, and more. The transition of topics is always seamless. For a while we pause and realize how profound and weird our topics had been. We’ve had wonderful, casual talks like these, but lately they had been rare. I’m just glad it happened again.

I’m happy to have a best friend.
Very happy.


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