Day 31: 01.31.17

Breaking the ice is one of my best assets when it’s really needed. As much as possible, I stay out of people’s problem unless they ask for my opinion or my help.

However, when your boss calls for a sudden meeting and the whole room falls into silence for more than ten minutes, I’m sorry, but I have to say that it is a waste of time.

It really is!

It was about our decision whether to stay in the school or not. Of course that’s a private thing and you can’t expect people to suddenly blurt out in a group such sensitive decisions. Especially sharing it to a group that includes the boss you’re leaving. So I just had to voice out my thoughts, on why I chose to remain silent. When we were still silent for around five minutes, I spoke again to suggest a plan that possibly can work for everyone. Obviously, the teachers who had been so upset were suddenly so mum about their words, so I just had to take one for the team. I could sense that our boss was upset too, so I think breaking the silence and the meeting was the best step at that point.

True enough, it was. And I was the first to be interviewed after that! I actually didn’t mind. She was extra pleasant that day, despite the decision made that all teachers are resigning. Kudos to staying strong-faced despite an obvious heart break. My boss can be very irritating sometimes, but I know she means well. It’s her personality, probably the pride of her age, and other factors that rubs us off the wrong way with her words. Definitely, a typical “lola”.

But seriously?! I’m kind of disappointed with my peers because when we talk about our boss, they have so much to say! Then comes that meeting and they’re suddenly all mute.

Gosh. You’re welcome, guys.


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