Day 33: 02.02.17

Thursday was a good day for soccer. Almost everyone played and they all listened to coach Mike, so less work for us! One of my students still refuses to play it though, simply because he doesn’t like it and he hates the heat. Nonetheless, when it comes to this student, I think we’ve made heaps of progress with out relationship.

He was one of the most challenging students I handled in our class. He rejected us several times when we attempted to socialize and he would always sneer at us. So whenever we would see him smile, we rejoiced at it. Now that he has become adjusted in class, he’s speaking more comfortably despite the broken English, he has become more pleasant. It’s like he’s become a different person!

Haaaaay. Kids. I love them. They show a different side of themselves everyday and they bring out a different side of you everyday too.


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