Day 34: 02.03.17

This day was a lot of MEH. Like, what should have been “FRIYAAAAAAAAY!”, was more of “Oh, it’s Friday.”

I even dressed up nicely to stir the mood, oh but nope. I’m so done with this week!

I just wanted to watch my current favorite TV show, Pinoy Big Brother, and see what’s gonna happen to their tasks. I now secretly have a second Twitter account just to have a space to put my thoughts into. Lots and lots of opinions on this show. It has been around for 11 years and my mom and I followed the first season from episode 1 up to the last (we even had DVDs of it), but then gave up on the next ones. Especially the teen editions were so…hormonal. Being a teenager, I was skeptic of real love at that age, and now as an adult, I was more sure of how that’s not gonna work yet. However, this 7th season has pretty nice personalities in the teen season and it made me stuck around. I’m particularly fond of Maymay first because of her funny facial expressions and reactions to everything, but then I found out she’s really nice too.

She’s not perfect as I see her flaws, but then that makes her unpretentious. A lot of people commented that this being the 7th season, some of the housemates probably have planned their would-be image in the house, but one of the hosts of the online show of it said–who was also a housemate–that in the passing of time, you just shed whatever mask you have in the house. You won’t even be aware of the cameras anymore, so you become unaware of the things that you say which becomes available for people to judge and twist.
I’ll probably dedicate one blog post about the tandem I’m rooting for in this season. Let’s see.


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