Day 35: 02.04.17

My teacher partner Geli and I visited for an occular of the zoo we’re going to visit on Wednesday! We needed to map the place and be familiar with the animals and rules, so we can start the reminders earliest this Monday.
Gosh and did I ever felt so much like a kid! The animals there were not the usual as they are actually wild animals. It’s a convenient place for spectators like me, but I couldn’t help but feel a bit sad for them, too. 

Despite the effort to place them in spaces that resembles their natural habitat, it’s still way too limited for them to be happy? Especially, sunlight seems so limited for the animals in the first floor.
Oh well.

Anyway, I’m sure the kids will love the experience like we did. I was particularly fond of this orangutan, Venus, who was so playful! 

She wanted me to play with her. Aww! I hope I can hug her on Wednesday.
Hopefully, everything goes well with the kids.


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