Day 38: 02.07.17

Tuesday is perhaps the new Monday.

The classroom is back to its Jurassic Park normality and I was running out of patience by 10 AM. To boot, I just started my period. So there. Rowdy kids and hormones.

Well, and some other issues that’s brewing inside me.

All parents would have their favorite child at some point in their lives. Currently, I don’t feel like I have a favorite in our classroom. Honestly. Their all annoying and lovable at the same time. Some are more annoying than lovable most of the time.

My current teacher-partners seems to have an intense favoritism to this one particular kid. I mean, I see the way she would give way for what the kid wants/need and not give the same treatment for other kids. She’s willing to spend the entire afternoon trying to make him feel better, while others are left to me. She overlooks his unfavorable behaviors, so I’m left to speak and be the bad cop. She’s so intimidated by the dad that she makes sure the kid doesn’t have anything bad to say about her/us.

Most of the time, I ignore it because I’m not really sure how to open it up to her. But sometimes, I really just want to ask her what the heck’s going on. We’re pretty much on the same page most of the time, except for this particular issue.

I know she’s burnt out of the job and she’s on her heels to leave, but there’s still four months to go, so we should still give our best and be fair to every kid we have in class.


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