Day 40: 02.09.17

Got to spend dinner with the siblings of my two tutees. They are really close to each other. Always playing and joking with each other. Not only that, they share about what’s happening in school and are responsible for each other.

I couldn’t help but feel a bit envious of them since my relationship with my two brothers has not always been that intimate. We are years apart, but the biggest gap was made by the fact that I did not live in the same house as them. I’m sure there would have been more fights like my brothers who lived in the same house with my dad and Tita, but I think we could have developed a deeper friendship.

I’m not a malaming kind of sister or friend, so I’m not really sure how to approach them. I’m like a brother to them actually, so yeah, we chill bros.

Haaaaaay. But I’m still hoping, along the way, before I die, we understand each other better.


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