Day 41: 02.10.17

Finally, Friday feels like FRIYAAAAY!!!

We had a trial student today name Rishan. He’s five years old, but his hair is in dreadlocks! SO COOOOOOOOOL!!!! And he seems to be such a nice kid too. His mom has a strong personality, but I think I can handle her. She was honestly quite intimidating tho.

Anyhow, I think we’ll be seeing this kid again on April. For the mean time, we need to settle things with our new kid who hits whenever he feels his personal space is invaded. The other kids are getting scared of him. I’m thankful our older kids are understanding when we asked them to try to adjust to their new friend, but their patience can only go so far before they view him as a bad kid. So before that happens, here’s to hoping everything eventually settles.

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