Day 42: 02.11.17

I’ll probably utilize this daily space to compile my Twitter thoughts about my favorite show right now: Pinoy Big Brother Dream Team. I’m actually a fan of one of the housemates, Maymay. She was the reason I started watching in the first place. I got hooked on watching her reactions and expressions to everything happening to her. Later on, I found out about “MayWard” a pairing made by fans of a potential love between her and Edward, another teen housemate.


I also saw the compatibility actually. Their differences compliment each other. Though Edward is 16 and Maymay is 19, Edward can act and think beyond his years, while Maymay can be as youthful as she can be with her energy.

I’ll be compiling the other episode reflections some other time when I don’t have anything else to blog maybe. For the mean time, the following is a reflection I had of Maymay’s expressing low self-esteem about her looks and how she is not “fit” for him.

Worry 1:

Di rin ako nagandahan nung una kay Maymay, then the more I saw her, the more I found her pretty. She gets prettier the more you see her. It’s ironic that Maymay wants to be called “pretty” when she herself doesn’t believe she’s one. She is! Hindi sya “artistahin” (by Philippine society standard pwe!), pero maganda siya. Pinay beauty talaga.

I just find it kind of sad that of all people, she should know better that Edward will never judge her for her looks or English skills.  Of course, he likes pretty girls, what guy doesn’t? Same with girls drooling over sexy and handsome men. But preference for a girl friend is different. In the end, you push aside the initial physical attraction and simmer more on the compatibility of your personalities. And with these two, they click like locks, yes, even when their languages are not at par with each other.

I hope Maymay realizes that because I think that’s what Edward had been showing her all along. I understand the insecurity, we all have them, but I hope she has more faith in Edward’s capability to accept and love her more than what he can see and more than they can ever communicate in words. Hats off to this young lad whose principle in life is to be fair towards everyone and to be a gentleman. He is obviously well-raised.

I’m concluding that the (romantic) feelings is blooming, but Maymay is not ready to acknowledge it yet. Thus, the doubts. Sige lang Edward, prove Maymay wrong. If you really do like her that way, and I feel you really do even if you’re unaware or won’t admit to it, make her feel pretty through conversations because she is in love with conversations. May has mentioned that one of the traits she wants in a guy is a person who would never get tired of listening to her stories, especially because she’s so talkative! In the house, she’s always spending time with someone and looks very comfortable talking with just about any thing. With this, I think this is one of the reasons Maymay finds the language problem between her and Edward such a big deal. If she cannot express her thoughts comfortably to the person, the conversation falls short of a complete connection. However, Edward has improved leaps in understanding Filipino conversations and probably tries hard to adjust for her and for himself as a half Filipino, too. I’m not sure how much conversations they have, but I hope it’s more than we would ever know as viewers. We usually see them joking, so I don’t want to find out that that’s all between them.

Shit! I’m really cheering for these two. Not too soon sincen they still have to prioritize more important things in their life right now like work, studies, and family. But I hope they never lose that connection, that “magic” along the way.

Worry 2:

On MM’s perspective of beauty: She’s the typical teenager influenced by society and media’s image of beauty: maputi, matangos ilong, and has big boobs. She’s the opposite: morena, small nose, small boobs. She thinks she’s not pretty enough to be an artista or to be liked by the likes of Edward. He is aristahin (by Philippine standards): mistiso, pwede mag slide sa tangos ng ilong, has boobs (LOL). He’s smart and speaks well too. She can’t explain logical things well, and struggles in English.

Image compatibility-wise by this standard, Heaven and Kisses look better for Edward. They can communicate better too in English. And that’s what she was sharing with Mccoy and Jinri. Being an artista fangirl all her life, Maymay has this idea of beauty. That’s why she seeks for confirmation from Kuya that she is maganda, even though when complimented, I feel that she doesn’t believe it entirely. This is what society does to people: influence and damage their self-image. It’s sad.

Another theory where that self-image talk rooted from is when you like someone, insecurities surface. Like what Liza (Soberano) said about her character Cali, it’s not about what people can see, but what you feel when you’re hurt, when in doubt. No matter how beautiful you are, when a person makes you feel ugly, you think of yourself ugly.

Maymay questions her ability to sustain Edward’s interest with her limited ability to communicate in English. We all know they were able to surpass this hurdle, but then she’s suddenly in doubt again. With the added pressure of being a “love team”, it’s probably stressing her out that there’s nowhere to escape public scrutiny. They’re in the same house, people teasing her almost everyday (as we know), it makes her question feelings she might have been slowly and surely brewing by herself outside the house. But people are pushing her to rush, to figure it out already, say something already.

Before DT, Maymay was just happy as her crazy self inside the house. Now I see Maymay more guarded of her actions and feelings.She remains genuine, no doubt, but I couldn’t help but miss the old jollier Maymay, unaffected by fans’ expectations and bashers’ words.

I just hope she overcomes these internal battles. As a fan, I’m very worried about her. Like a real ate, I wanna protect her. For her sake, I hope the feelings (for Edward)–because I’m sure there is already though not intense yet–lessens, so she can focus more on her goal to win for her family. It’s already stressful getting by everyday with new challenges given by Kuya, and then there are the feels that makes it more challenging.

Maymay and Edward are still young. Ang love makakapaghintay yan. And I do hope they wait. Because no matter how I wish they don’t rush with their feelings, I really want Maymay and Edward to end up with each other. They make each other better and happy. Let’s present the world with more of these kinds of happy and positive people, yes?


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