Day 44: 02.13.17

I was incredibly irritated by another housemate in Pinoy Big Brother Dream Team. I was so irritated, I couldn’t stop reading tweets that agreed with my opinion of her. Fortunately, almost everyone was on the same boat with me.

Aside, of course, for her fanatic fans.

I actually tried to appreciate this girl, especially since she’s the BFF of my favorite, Maymay. But ever since their season began, I’ve always had my reservations about her. She’s actually nice and mostly innocent about the world as she had always been sheltered by her wealthy family. To be fair, I think she’s genuinely nice to people and at a point is willing to sacrifice a lot, but she’s still immature when it comes to handling conflicts and relationship with others.

As a more mature individual, I find her immaturity, of course, incredibly irritating. Well, especially when her immaturity is shadowed by her “sweetheart” image.

Haaaay imbyerna!


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