Day 45: 02.14.17

My 28th Valentines in this lifetime remains empty of romance. Haaaaay.

To be honest, I’m not bitter about it anymore. I can’t totally say that I’m satisfied being single because I do dream of being able to experience what’s it like to be in romantic relationship and I do want to have my own family someday, but it’s comforting to be assured that since I’m not expecting my love life to bloom anytime soon, I’m not hurt or bitter being alone.

Last year was kind of a different story. I believe I even blogged about it here. To cut a long story short, I basically wanted to watch a comedy show for single people after feeling doing something remotely close to a bitter alone date during Valentines Day. I guess I’m not so immune to loneliness after all.

Anyhow, Valentines Day is not just for the romantics as it is apparently Teachers Day too! The professionals who I say love as unconditionally to their students as parents are to their children.

So, I LOVE YOU to all the teachers in my life!

And a special I LOVE YOU to my two co-teachers in our miniature Jurassic Park who keep me sane and still laughing despite the challenges in the park. HAHA!


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