Day 46: 02.15.17


So at least that character in the TV show I’m watching was able to redeem herself…somehow. She explained her reasons for feeling negatively about a suggestion from her best friend and other co-housemates is because she wants to prove that she is able to prove herself strong despite her sickly body.

Fine, point taken. Family drama background check and relevant to reasons, though not in the situation per se.

Nonetheless, it’s still insensitive to achieve personal goals without minding about getting others hurt in return. A strategy is a strategy, yes, but does it have to involve making your best friend feel guilty about a reason she’s not even aware is brewing so strongly inside you when her principal concern is your well being? Is it right to try to control the situation at the expense of muting your friend’s voice and insisting he follows your command because you need to prove that you are smart and smarter than he is? Isn’t it contradicting that you nominate a housemate for eviction for being too competitive in tasks which their stay in the house depends on, then you suddenly feel butthurt when you’re not able to show your competitive side as part of a “dream team”?

Considering these factors, she still yearns for things done her way. In life, there are things you have to sacrifice and let go, including your own pride and happiness. Despite that, if you see the hope in that situation and is able to walk stronger after it, then you have truly matured.

Nonetheless, I still have hopes for you my dear. Good luck in life!

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